Why Tailswagger

Tailswagger is the only unique platform which works dedicatedly. for pets and provides, all in all solutions to the pet owners. Tailswagger is a unique network where pet owners, pet trainers, veterinarians and pet stores come together.

We at tailswagger love our pets and believe other pet owners also love their pets, the ways we do, or even more. So, we aim at creating a place where any pet owner can get solutions to all or every type of problem which they face while growing up their pets. We understand your love for your pet and your desire to see them lead a healthy life. But many times, the pet owners face difficulties, like not finding the right products for their pets, or lack of useful information about their pets which could help in avoiding common health or training issues. Tailswagger aims at bridging this gap and providing a unique and never seen before experience to all the pet owners. 

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