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Tailswagger is a one stop solution for all pet lovers. Here they can get all types of information for their pets, from general health tips, to pet characteristics, pet grooming tips, expert suggestions from vets and pet trainers or even locating nearby pet stores to purchase products.

Owning a pet is itself a very unique experience, but it can turn out to be very difficult, if, as pet owner you do not have sufficient information about the different needs of your pet. Every animal is different, so they need to be treated differently. Features like, their likes and dislikes, characteristics, health conditions or even trainability differ from each other. So, it is important to know about your pet. Our pets always love us in the most genuine and honest manner. So, as pet owner, it is also our responsibility to make sure that our pet also lives a healthy and happy life. We at Tailswagger aim at giving all pet owners the facility to know more and more about their loving pets, which could help them in giving a pleasant experience to their pets.    

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