INR 10,000 - 40,000
Breed Group : Working Group
Origin : Germany
The Boxer is a medium sized dog, bred to be an effective and quick guard dog. This is a powerful and muscular dog with great sense of loyalty towards its owners. The intelligent, caring and fun loving behavior of the Boxer, has gained him, the reputation of being a very good and loyal companion dog. Today the boxer is used in a variety of works like, search and rescue, guard, police and military and as a companion dog.

The Boxer has descended from the Bullenbeisser (a mastiff descended dog) and Bulldog imported from Great Britain. The Breed originated in Germany in the late 18th century and belongs to the Molosser dog group. The Bullenbeisser was a powerful dog and was used as a hunting dog, to hunt bear, wild boar and deer. It used to chase and hold the game till the hunters arrived. 

The boxer was originally bred with the intention of having a powerful dog, which could be athletic, fearless, loyal, obedient and a very good guard dog. The boxer just proved to be the dog which they desired. The breed started gaining its popularity and in the year 1896, the first boxer club was formed.

During World War I, the Boxers were used by the military troops as messenger dogs, for carrying packs, and as guard dogs. After the war was over, many returning soldiers took the dogs along with them to their homes. This lead to more and more people getting aware about this breed, which eventually turned out to be one of the favorite companion and show dogs. 

The Boxer is a powerful breed, but is friendly at the same time. He is extremely loyal and faithful towards his masters. A boxer can be your best friend as well as a fierce guarding for any threat towards you. He loves to spend time with his family and develops very strong bonds with them. He is energetic, playful, brave, alert and patient towards his family members.
The clownish behavior of the dogs, just adds on, as another reason for loving the breed. He loves to jump, twist and sometimes even do somersaults to entertain his masters. The boxer has been renowned for his calm and patient behavior towards children, but only till you provide sufficient physical exercise to ease out the energy. Boxer is a house dog and loves human companionship. He should not be left out for long time duration's.
The boxer is always suspicious and alert towards strangers. His strength, alertness, fearlessness, and suspicious nature towards strangers, make him an excellent guard dog. A boxer is not aggressive by nature, but if he feels a treat towards his family, he can become a nightmare for any unwanted intruder.
  • Inteligence

    The Boxer is an intelligent breed and loves bring involved in fun activities.

  • Guard Dog

    The Boxer is a very good guard dog. It can be fearless and tenacious if he feels any threat towards his family.

  • Good with kids

    Boxers are generally very good with kids but care must be taken when they are around kids as due to their excitement, they might unintentionally knock around kids.

  • Good With other pets

    They can get along well with other pets if raised with them. Proper and early socialization is very important.

  • Energy level

    These are medium energy dogs and require fair bit of exercise to ease out this energy.

  • Ease of training

    This is an intelligent breed, but sometimes can be head strong. The Boxer responds well to positive and fun training.

The Boxer is generally a healthy breed but can be affected by some health issues. Not all boxers get affected by these diseases, but it is good to know about them, especially if you wish to have a boxer as your companion dog. Some of the common health issues include: cancer, Aortic stenosis/sub-aortic stenosis (AS/SAS), Boxer cardiomypathy (arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy), hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism and epilepsy. Other heath issues involve Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) (also called as Bloat/Torsion), hystiocytic ulcerative colitis (sometimes called Boxer colitis) and indolent corneal ulcers, often called Boxer eye ulcers.
The Boxers have one of the longest puppy hood in the dog’s world, as they continue to mature till the age of three years. As with all the dogs, sufficient exercise must be provided to avoid health issues and boredom in the boxer. Over-exercising young dogs must be avoided, as it could hamper their growing bones.
  • Exercise need

    An athletic breed like Boxer requires sufficient exercise for about 30 to 60 minutes on daily basis to keep it healthy.

  • Agility

    The Boxer is a healthy breed which excels in agility competitions.

  • Tolerant to heat

    The Boxer cannot with stand heat for very long because of its short nasal cavity. Leaving a Boxer outside on hot conditions should be avoided.

  • Tolerant to cold

    These dogs have shorter hair coat, which exposes them to cold winds. Too much of cold should be avoided.

  • Age

    The Average life span of the Boxer is considered to be around 10 to 12 years.

The Boxer is a medium sized dog with a muscular body and intimidating presence. Although, he might look very dangerous, but the boxer is very fun loving. The Boxers have a broad and short skull with a short, square muzzle having an under bite. The jaws are powerful and heavy, with the folds running downwards on the muzzle. The Boxer has a black mask on the muzzle. Previously, people used to crop the ears of the boxer, along with a docked tail. But now with the banning of such activities in many countries, we can find a number of boxers with their original ears and tail. If not cropped, the ears hang down by the side of the head. The boxer has short and smooth hair coat. This is an exuberant and happy dog, who loves to play and have fun with his family.
  • Shedding

    The boxers do shed, but regular brushing can reduce the amount of hairs falling on the carpet.

  • Colour

    The accepted colours of the boxer are fawn and brindle, with white on the underbelly and feet, which can extend to neck or face. Complete or mostly white boxers suffer from deafness.

  • Size

    The Boxer stands at a height of 22-25 inches (57–63 cm).

  • Coat type

    The boxer has a short, shiny and smooth hair coat, which lies tightly to the body.

  • Under coat

    They do not have an undercoat.

  • Stature

    The Boxer is a medium sized dog with a muscular body and athletic body.




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