Border Collie

INR 100,000 - 150,000
Breed Group : Herding Group
Origin : United Kingdom
The Border collie is a herding dog breed which was originally bred to herd livestock, especially sheep. This is a highly intelligent dog breed with an exceptional desire to work. They are considered as one of the best herding breeds for their herding instinct, intelligence and exceptional stamina. The Border collie can take directions by voice and whistle over long distances while herding. They are still used for herding sheep on farms and ranches in different parts of the world. The Border Collie has a great desire to work and is completely a task oriented dog breed.

The Border collies originated in a region around the border of England and Scotland. They are considered to have descended from landrace collies, which was a dog breed commonly found in the British Iles. The breed was developed with the intention of herding livestock, particularly sheep. These dogs were of high value to the shepherds as they were intelligent, had great herding skills and exceptionally working desire. 

Based on terrain and the work requires the type of the dog varied. These different varieties of herding dogs became associated with their respective regions and were provided different names like Welsh Sheepdog, Scotch Collie and Northern Sheepdog. The name Border Collie is assumed to have been provided because the breed was developed along the Anglo-Scottish Border. 

In 1960, scotch sheepdog was shown in the dog show for the first time. In 1876 sheepdog trials were started and these dogs soon were recognized and were appreciated for their high level of intelligence and herding skills. The breed was given its distinct name – Border Collier by James Reid, the secretary of the International Sheepdog Society in 1915. 

Over the years the breed has retained its position as a premium herding dog breed. The use of Border Collies as show dogs is also opposed by a number of dog fanciers with the argument that this would reduce or hamper the breed’s working abilities. Regardless of all the debates, there is no denial that this is an extremely intelligent and energetic breed which makes a very good companion dog breed, if provided with its required amount of exercise on daily basis. The Border Collie is a wonderful companion dog for an active and energetic owner or family which loves to involve their dog in their activities.

While discussing about Border Collies, there is no possible way of not having a mention about the intelligence of the breed. This is widely considered as the most intelligent dog breed. They are highly trainable and can take command by voice or by whistle over long distances from their masters. He is sensitive and is considered to have an ability to sense what his master wants even before he is given the command.
These are not the dogs that would lie down at some corner resting through their day. The Border Collies have immense amount of stamina and have a great desire to work. They can easily be considered as the ideal working dogs. They are strictly task oriented and always want a job to do. They need plenty of physical and mental stimulation to stay relaxed and happy. Boredom or lack of exercise can lead to destructive behaviours like chewing on furniture, digging, barking etc. A family wanting to have a Border collie as their domestic companion dog, must always be ready to fulfil its highly demanding exercise requirements. They need plenty of physical exercise on daily basis to ease out their energy.
Due to their strong herding instinct, they are not very suitable for families with small children, cats or other animals as they may try to herd them which may lead the dog to nip, chase, and bark at them. This behavior can be controlled through proper directions, means the dog must be provided with other activities to channelize and control its instincts.
  • Inteligence

    The Border Collie is very intelligent and probably the most intelligent dog breed. They are very quick learners.

  • Guard Dog

    They may bark at the strangers entering their territory, making them good watchdogs, but are not suited for guard dog role.

  • Good with kids

    Although they can do well with kids but are not suggested for families with small children. Due to their inherited herding instinct they may get confused with the noise and quick movement of the children and may start to herd them. This may lead to nipping, chasing and barking.

  • Good With other pets

    They can be socialized to behave well with other animals, but their dominant herding instinct most often can take control over them. As a result they may start herding other animals.

  • Energy level

    The Border Collie is an extremely high energy dog breed. They require plenty of vigorous exercise to stay relaxed and happy. They have a great urge to be busy.

  • Ease of training

    They are highly trainable and are considered to have a high sensibility to assume what their master wants them to do, even before he gives the command.

The Border Collie is generally a healthy and hardy dog breed, but like all breeds can suffer from some health issues. All Border Collies do not suffer from all or some of these diseases but it is always good to know about them, especially if you have a Border Collie or are wishing to have one as your companion dog. Some of the common health issues include hip dysplasia, epilepsy, elbow dysplasia and Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD). Commonly suffered eye diseases are glaucoma, juvenile cataracts, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and Collie eye anomaly (CEA). The collie eye anomaly is an inherited eye disease and can affect retina, choroid and sclera and sometimes can also lead to blindness. They can also suffer from two types of hearing loss. One is found in puppies while the other is the adult onset hearing loss. The problem arises gradually as the puppy grows.
  • Exercise need

    The Border Collies have very high exercise requirements. Daily walks or short game sessions will not be sufficient for them. They require vigorous physical and mental stimulation on regular basis.

  • Agility

    They are extremely athletic and intelligent dogs and excel at various dog sports like agility, fly ball, Frisbee etc.

  • Tolerant to heat

    They can do well in almost all weather conditions. They can with stand heat pretty well.

  • Tolerant to cold

    The Border Collie is comfortable in cold weather too provided that it is receiving its required amount of exercise. Extreme conditions should be avoided.

  • Age

    The Border Collie is considered to have an average lifespan of 11 to 15 years.

The Border Collie is a medium sized dob breed with a well-balanced and athletic body. The body is slightly long that it is tall. The skull is flat and wide with a proportional muzzle. The eyes can be of different colour ranging from blue to brown and some dogs may have two different coloured eyes, which is usually seen in merles. The ears have variable pattern - some have fully erect ears, some fully dropped ears, and others semi-erect ears. The tail is of medium length and is usually set low. They have two coat varieties, rough and smooth. They carry the expressions of intelligence, alertness and confidence.
  • Shedding

    The shedding is minimal throughout the year except during the seasonal changes, when the shedding increases. Weekly brushing during the shedding seasons can help reduce the hairs falling down.

  • Colour

    The Border Collie can come in any colour or colour combinations including solid (except white), bicolour, tricolour and merle. Most common colour is black with white markings on face, neck, feet, legs and tail.

  • Size

    The Border collie stands at an average height of 19 to 22 inches (48-56 cm) at the withers.

  • Coat type

    They have two coat varieties: rough and smooth. Both are double coats with a coarser outer coat and a soft undercoat.

  • Stature

    The Border collie stands at an average height of 19 to 22 inches (48-56 cm) at the withers.




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